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Plan your wedding day!

Tips and tricks to plan your wedding day


You're engaged, congratulations! On that pink cloud you are now going to plan a wedding. Of course you already have many ideas, but how do you give them shape and what are the tips and tricks?

Make sure you are well prepared, I found it very pleasant to keep a notebook. In addition, I love all stationery, so that's another great excuse to buy a nice notebook. I also let some things pass me by a little too quickly, if I could do it over again I would have been more aware of the preparation, because this is just great fun! So my personal tip, enjoy the preparations and take the time together. 1 Buy a nice notebook to keep track of everything. From the guest list, to a mood board, from your budget to your checklist. It's all possible here! 2 Choose a date, after the corona period it will be busy at the locations. If you have a date that is important to you, always check immediately if it is available at the location of your choice. If you're not really stuck on a date, think about a beautiful autumn wedding with brown-red colors or a winter wedding for 2021.

3 Make a guest list, this seems easy but it can be very difficult. Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made. Only invite people you want to come to your wedding, not because you feel obligated by someone else. 4 Find your wedding location. You can fill in exactly your wishes on top wedding to find your perfect location. This can of course be multiple locations. It is also always good to visit several wedding locations on an open day. 5 Create a mood board with a color scheme for your magical day. This is your guideline for further organizing the wedding. Do not choose things that you only find beautiful, but ask yourself whether it suits you well. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. Here you can digitally create a mood board for various topics, from your wedding dress to your hair, make up, wedding decoration and wedding cards of course. You can also find a lot of inspiration on our own Pinterest. From color palettes, to hairstyles, dresses and fun wedding styling ideas. 6 Determine the budget. What do you want to spend. Determine what is important to you and what is less important to you. Reserve a little more budget for the things that really matter to you. 7 The wedding invitations! Choose the cards based on your mood board. Send out a save the date, or send your wedding card right away if you already know everything for sure. Tip! Have the menus, table cards, thank you notes, guest book and signage all made in the same style. This will give your wedding a nice consistent look and feel. Drop off your cards in person at the post office. They are then treated as 'special mail' which prevents you from losing cards. 8 The daytime program, aren't you a morning person? Then don't start early. If you are planning multiple locations, allow enough time between locations. it always takes longer than you think to move an entire group. 9 Transportation. Do what suits you and what you like. Also consider the transport of the guests if you are going to multiple locations. 10 The dress! This is one of the best preparations. Pick two people closest to you and make it a fun day out. Please note that the dress is made to order for you, this generally takes 6 to 12 months. In addition, you will have to try on a number of times so that the dress is completely tailor-made for you. Tip, make sure your dress fits comfortably and falls smoothly around your body, so you can dance in the evening.

11 Asking the special people at your wedding is a special, and sometimes emotional, moment. Make a nice card for this and give it to your witness or master of ceremonies during a dinner. Or surprise them in another way. 12 Which cake do you have in mind? Besides that it looks nice, it is also important that it tastes good. Request samples and make it a fun afternoon with your tween or with friends. 13 Hair and makeup. I say again, stay close to yourself. If you don't normally wear make-up, don't go for very heavy make-up. Make a mood board of what you like and let the professionals advise you based on this. Always test make-up and hair before your big day. This way you can make some adjustments if you are not completely satisfied. 14 Photographer, here's the key to finding someone you feel comfortable with. Always plan a little photo opportunity with the two of you around sunset. Here you get the romantic warm light that often makes photos so beautiful.

15 Ceremony, for this you can hire a BABS. You can also ask one of your friends or relatives to conduct the ceremony. This gives your day a special touch. In the Netherlands we are used to sitting during the ceremony, but if you prefer not to, you can also stand in the American way. It's your day and your choice! 16 Music, if you want to end the day with a spectacular party, a DJ or Band is an important part of the wedding. Make a list in advance on spotify to pass on your preference to the DJ. Tip, if you want to have everyone on the dance floor, make sure you have a few popular and well-known songs played or played as well. 17 The rings should not be missing on this special day and will be with you for the rest of your life. Of course you can choose a large brand or a smaller boutique where the rings are made especially for you. Also think about how the rings are presented on the day itself, nowadays you can have very nice things made, personalized. 18 Decoration. At the wedding location it is often important to bring the decoration yourself. Think of linen, vases, flowers, candles, menu cards, place cards, lanterns, etc. Check carefully what they do and don't have at the location and supplement this with items from your mood board if necessary. 19 Finally, preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time. Would you rather outsource some of the less fun things? Then hire a wedding planner to support you.



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